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Galvanizing process

Galvanized is a metal coating is applied to the surface of black steel in order to protect against corrosion is an alloy of steel with zinc, black steel alone in its natural state is unstable so its trend is to win a molecule of oxygen and iron oxide become inevitable and which causes corrosion and is what the black steel deteriorate quickly. Galvanizing protects steel avoiding this is then oxidized to form black steel coated on both sides is what we call galvanization and its method of application is by dipping the steel in a black metal bath where they are melted alloys zinc and other metal additives such as aluminum and antimony that confer adhesion properties and malleability, resulting in a galvanized steel surface to protect you and prevent this react directly contact with all chemical and physical elements to be exposed.

The Galvanized sheets of ACETSA are made using the latest technology, the manufacturing process of continuous hot dip galvanizing is the most modern manufacturing process worldwide ensuring the application of the coating layer is very stable and galvanized alloy formed has good adhesion and durability, in the process for continuously hot dip can perform precise coating layer on both sides of the sheet in order to protect the black steel or base that is in an application inner part of the sheet, the coating layer is the one that gives protection and durability to the lamina and depending on the amount of zinc or galvanized coating applied to it so will be the durability of the lamina, the durability may also vary depending the type of environment where the sheet is installed.

For these reasons ACETSA sheets are very durable and durability increases as its thickness as the sheet is thicker contents of Zinc or galvanized increases.

The raw materials come from ACETSA highly qualified suppliers with the highest technology and the most modern to ensure the application of the coating layer is applied to each sheet thickness or gauge controls.


The rules of application layer is ASTM A653 Zinc


Ideal for metal roof installed on any particular Houses, Schools, Hospitals.
Its homogeneous layer to be applied in a continuous process by immersion in hot ensures proper application on both sides. Not as clear lacquer paint.

Implementation process of the aluminum and zinc coating Hot-Dip

The following process is the galvanization of steel coil. It is a process where the application of the zinc coating to the steel coil is carried out accurately.

In the first stage the coil enters the en-shaped galvanized steel coil black, this line has the advantage of being continuous since it can work 24 hours a day and how change is possible coil towers accumulator whose function is to give the rest of the sheet line when a new black steel coil feeds.

The early stages consist of a chemical to the surface of steel black steel then undergoes modification of their mechanical properties in Tensio Leveler cleaning.

Subsequently, the black steel temperature is elevated to more than 450 C, for galvanizing a pan that contains all the ingredients that will make up the galvanized all this can happen at a speed of 0.23mm for a coil over 90 meters / minute.

Leaving the galvanized pan that is where you get the bath passes Zinc air knives who are responsible for adding the set amount of zinc per square meter to the coil of black steel.

After receiving his coil coating layer is cooled to later be rolled whose final presentation will be a coil of galvanized steel.

Galvanized steel is then transformed into the different profiles that we know in the market as Corrugated Structural Smooth, etc.

Lamina Tower Accumulator Zinc Bath and
Galvanized layer
by Air Blades
Continuous Prepainted hot dip Line

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